HAKA is a lifestyle clothing brand designed exclusively in New Zealand for men & women who love wearing contemporary legendary Maori symbolism.

The brand's heritage comes from the HAKA, a symbol of New Zealand's sporting pedigree and renowned by sports fans across the globe as a symbol of dominance and strength. HAKA represents mana, prestige and power that is uniquely New Zealand.

The HAKA Blessing


We the management and staff of HAKA NZ Ltd acknowledge the significance of using the Maori word HAKA as our company and trading name. We understand and appreciate the Maori values associated with the word HAKA and that it belongs to the Maori people of New Zealand.

Respecting this we will not compromise, abuse or exploit the word HAKA. We will promote TE REO MAORI through merchandise labeling.

The interpretation below was given with their blessing by the local tangata whenua, Ngati Whatua.

The word HAKA sits within the realm of MATAURANGA MAORI meaning the corpus of Maori knowledge belonging to all Maori.

The word itself encapsulates:

Mana - Authority / Influence

Ihi - Power

Wehi - Fear/Awe/Formidable

Tapu - Sacred/Forbidden

Taha hinengaro - Mental wellbeing

Taha tinana - Physical wellbeing

Action / Celebration / Challenge


Contact Details:

Haka New Zealand Ltd.

Unit 4 11 Orbit Drive,


New Zealand.

Ph +6494159213

E Mail: info@hakaclothing.com